Celebrate our Veteran’s

This is my niece Rachel, a chief in the navy.


I have other family and friends serving in the marines, army, and air force. And many family members who have served.

Today it’s about them – all of them. And their selfless service to all of us. today, celebrate a vet. They deserve our respect and continual support.


Breast Cancer Awareness

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you or someone you love has gone through losing a breast to cancer, you realize the debilitating effects it can have on her entire circle of family and friends.

I’ve had friends and relatives survive breast cancer and can tell you, it’s a fight to the finish. People often wonder what they can do to support those going through and surviving this cancer. You can make a difference.  I have a few thoughts, to get the ideas flowing.

Offer support: Be there before they know they need you. Do their shopping, pick up their meds,  and accompany them to doctor appointments.

Listen: To their fears, their complaints, and their anger, without judging. Whether the warrior is your co-worker, friend, or relative they aren’t asking for answers. These women need to vent and come to terms with the changes happening to their bodies, and the effect on their mind and relationships. Every single woman who has survived breast cancer has her own story. She deserves to be heard.

Volunteer: There are many options to volunteer in every community, find them. One thought, register for the “Making Strides Walk” in your area. If you aren’t physically able to walk, volunteer to help in another capacity with the fundraiser.

Donate your hair: If your hair grows fast, or you’re thinking of cutting off your long hair, you can donate to non-profit organizations that provide free/low cost hairpieces and wigs to cancer victims. It’s a rewarding experience. I did and had fun with a sassy new do.




The illusion of sleeping in …

It’s one of those days when I don’t have to get up for work until 6 and the hubs wakes up at four. If you’re a light sleeper like me this is not a good thing. I rarely slept through the night when my children were small. Every time one of them rolled over or sighed I was running to check on them.

I’m not blaming my husband, and will admit he tried. He tossed and turned, flopped around like a fish on dry land struggling to slip back into the murky sea of slumber…

But sleep continued to elude him. Soon anger crept into his movements. Finally, he gave up. He flung off the covers and walked softly across the room. He aimed for stealthy, even closed the door softly, but a ninja sneak-master he’s not. And I heard every breath and  whispered curse.

I kept my eyes closed, rolled onto my stomach and did my best to feign sleep. My plan was to fake myself back into the land of nod. I silently repeated all the calming words relax, slumber, rest, yeah you know the drill.

I lingered in the in-between stage, yearning for five more minutes – until my eyes popped open. And still, I fought the urge to rise. While watching the ceiling fan blades circle around, I bargained with myself.

You’ve got a long day ahead, at least try. You’ll feel better if you get even another half-hour. Take deep soothing breaths in and out, in and out.

Epic fail… I’d lost the illusion of a quiet, peaceful, sleep-in until daylight morning. I scooted upright against the headboard, wrapped my arms around my knees and heaved a long drawn out sigh. It was no use. I was wide awake and couldn’t convince myself otherwise.

I was unhappy about the circumstances but I realize it’s frustrating to suddenly come wide awake at pitch dark o’clock for no reason.For the sake of my marriage, I wouldn’t mention any of this. But, I wondered what dreamland adventures I’d been cheated out of.

Then I decided enough with the lollygagging. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and smiled. I’d shower, and drink my first cup of coffee on the back patio. I rarely had time to enjoy a glorious sunrise these days.


Hello, September…

Here we are at September 1st. Hello SeptemberThe mornings are brisk, kids are back in school and the days are getting shorter.

Fall in all its glory is fast approaching.

I love the California summers. Picnics, BBQ’s and long lazy days at the beach.

Still, I welcome the bright beautiful colors of fall. And in a few short weeks, the blending of the two seasons will give us some amazing views. I can’t wait.



Routine Interrupted

My typical morning routine includes coffee.  I get up, measure the coffee, add water, press all the right buttons and let the coffee brew. Shower, dress and follow the aromatic scent back to the kitchen.


Today was the same as yesterday until I didn’t smell the coffee. Still not panicking, I walked back into the kitchen, thinking I forgot to press a button. Or a breaker had popped.

The coffee maker sat there in its usual place of honor, all lit up, with an empty pot. I checked all the buttons, the breaker, and the outlet. All in perfect working order. And yet, the coffee maker sat there with an empty pot, mocking me.

Panic set in. I…need…coffee. Like an addict, my palms sweaty, heart rate increasing, I stare at the empty pot wondering how it could forsake me in my time of need.

Now I’m getting desperate, I don’t have time to waste. I grab a glass measuring cup, fill it with water, set it in the microwave, and tap my foot anxiously as I wait for the water to boil.

As soon as I see bubbles, I pour the scalding water over the coffee in the brewer and smile when I see brown liquid flowing into the pot.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills my nose. My anxiety flees; I smile and pour my first cup of coffee.


Cup to my lips I laugh. Thinking how funny this is, because I’ve only been drinking coffee for a year. Well, what I call coffee. My husband laughingly refers to as coffee colored water. But, hey it works for me.

What I write

The other day, someone asked me what I write. I thought about the quick answer I gave and decided a little insight into my writing would make a good, get to know me post.

So, what do I write? First and foremost, I write flawed main characters. No superheroes here. Whether male or female, none of my heroes/heroines are perfect.

I also tend to write on the dark side. My stories focus on shattered lives, plotting, revenge, healing, haunting and love between the broken/damaged.