Breast Cancer Awareness

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you or someone you love has gone through losing a breast to cancer, you realize the debilitating effects it can have on her entire circle of family and friends.

I’ve had friends and relatives survive breast cancer and can tell you, it’s a fight to the finish. People often wonder what they can do to support those going through and surviving this cancer. You can make a difference.  I have a few thoughts, to get the ideas flowing.

Offer support: Be there before they know they need you. Do their shopping, pick up their meds,  and accompany them to doctor appointments.

Listen: To their fears, their complaints, and their anger, without judging. Whether the warrior is your co-worker, friend, or relative they aren’t asking for answers. These women need to vent and come to terms with the changes happening to their bodies, and the effect on their mind and relationships. Every single woman who has survived breast cancer has her own story. She deserves to be heard.

Volunteer: There are many options to volunteer in every community, find them. One thought, register for the “Making Strides Walk” in your area. If you aren’t physically able to walk, volunteer to help in another capacity with the fundraiser.

Donate your hair: If your hair grows fast, or you’re thinking of cutting off your long hair, you can donate to non-profit organizations that provide free/low cost hairpieces and wigs to cancer victims. It’s a rewarding experience. I did and had fun with a sassy new do.





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